SpaceLine is an educational physics-based space sandbox that uses gravity, climate, and life simulations to allow the user to create their own virtual stars and planets. Which can then be customized to construct a stunning but fragile solar system.

The interaction is not only limited to Stars and Planets, the user can also create moons and binary stars systems using Spaceline


I feel that today’s education system has limited the hands-on experiments to mere segments in the textbook and topics such as space exploration have been pushed to the fringes.

SpaceLine allows everyone to marvel at their own star systems and creations. It also allows users to customize many aspects like size, mass, atmospheric composition of the planets and then predicts the presence of life and in case life cannot exist, informs the player what went wrong.

What all is customizable:

  • Star: Size, Mass, Color, Temperature
  • Planets: Orbit, Eccentricity, Size, Mass, Atmospheric Composition, Moons

Resources used:

Built With:

  • Unity Engine
  • C#
  • Blender
  • Steam VR for VR Spectator Mode

Try It Out:


  • Mouse Scroll to zoom In/Out
  • Left Click on Star to open Star settings. Right Click anywhere to close
  • Press Tab to open/close planet creation menu, drag sliders to adjust the value, enter data in input fields
  • Hover on any planet to view stats
  • Press V to toggle VR spectator mode ( Requires SteamVR compatible Headset)

Awards won:

Nasa SpaceApps National Round (India) - Winner, Global Nominee for the Grand Prize

Made with ♥ by Pulkit Garg